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Re: Re: Haushaltsbuch
Hugo, 2012-12-04 16:37:11
about the game hmm it is a stereotypical, slzityed, sensational, method to the game. I am not put off by violence, cursing, or sex. Those have their places. I played Ninja, Samurai, Roman Empire, Persian, WWI, WWII games and these elements are in all of them (not each in each, but I can find those elements strewn through them), but none of them so blatant and manifestly sewn in as in this game. There is a comic book on the internet that takes the cat Garfield out of the comic and just leaves the rest of the character(s) in the strip. What you have left is a weird schizophrenic, paranoid characters. I know that there at some time has been some “beef” between the Jerry Seinfelds and Bill Cosby’s, and the Chris Rock’s and Richard Pryor’s of the world. Can you be funny without the cursing? That was their question. [Not significantly answered by either side that the issue can be laid to rest]. This is the issue with this game. Is this game just as good without all the violence and cursing. To be true, I recognize that there is an environment like this. I have been in them, I have lived close to them, and I have had friends in them. But, it does not happen like this game. This game just propagates the idea that “the hoods” are all like this. If we are going to make this game, let’s make a game called “Grand Theft Money : Big Business | How CEO and other Officers run off with millions of dollars of middle class peoples money.” It could have sex, it would have violence, and it would just the same have cursing. The only thing that would be missing would be overt racism and classism.

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