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Re: Re: Sonderzeichen
Valentina, 2013-06-18 15:17:51
Hehe John it's maybe more like Vielen Dank! , which would stand for: Many thanks! Yes, I smietomes visit Guilio's site as well. Or Jordan Steele's, who moved from a full frame Canon outfit to b54/3rds. Even a colleague of mine (Patrick Lu from Austin, Texas we're both working for IBM) went through different cameras, and kept only the best, like an older Canon full frame, an OM-D, but now he seems to shoot Leica most of the time. That's all very interesting.Photos? From working pros? I know lots of good guys in that regard. On my sideline to the right you see people like Kirk Tuck, but I'm also quite often reading Ming Thein, Thorsten Overgaard, even Joe McNally whom I met (and who took my brother's picture). But there are so many others whose work is good and who would deserve mentioning that it's probably unfair to even try and begin listing them. Maybe that's the pro part about them; they all can get a consistently good output, regardless of the task you throw at them.Me? I like to take portraits whenever I can. The rest are just family photos or whatever catches my eye I still take those cameras everywhere I go. Maybe I should reduce weight a bit, and get a basic OM-D kit with those nice primes as my only (or main) camera.

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