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SandRider, 2010-09-20 03:55:42
I was gonna jump in here and say I was
havin' the same problem - then saw the
"update to 2.0.4" - I've got .3 ... lemme
upgrade ...

the only "suggestion" I have is to make this
little program so that shortcuts can be dropped
in - I understand it's meant to be a "program
starter" and so is focused on .exe apps, but
I really like the design, I like the customizable
tree view ... I'd like to be able to use this as a
fully user-customized Explorer pane; and be able
to have different, saved-view instances ...

and more 64bit Windows 7 mini-apps !!

this OS is sorely lacking in *simple*, useful
functions ... yeah, it looks *real* purty, but
I'm havin' to replace damn near everything
with third-party apps & utilities ... I like things
that are extremely user-definable - toolbars,
toolbar buttons, placement of these features -
and I don't care so much about "skins", but I
do want to be able to change the colors of all
the elements - and not have a program look
like Microsoft techs think it should look, with
little to no options ...

the sandrider
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