Check Host Pro 1.1.11 Check Host Pro 1.1.11

The fast and easiest way to monitor your servers and services!

With Check Host Pro you just need to define the host name or IP address of the server you want to monitor. Then you can choose the method of monitoring - a simple ping or a socket connection (optionally TCP or UDP) on any port. Additionally the frequency, timeout as well as the time period, when the service should be monitored, can be defined.

For both events "no longer available" and "available again" separate notification options can be enabled. A notification is possible as desktop notification, via e-mail, by executing any other program or by playing an audio file in MP3 or WAV format.

Of course, the monitoring service is separated from the user interface as Windows service. This way monitoring is performed also without user login.

Features of Check Host Pro at a glance:

  • Professional monitoring for servers or services.
  • Monitoring process executed as Windows service.
  • Ping or socket connection (TCP/UDP) as method possible.
  • Check interval and check time period can be defined.
  • Many notification options:
    • desktop notification.
    • e-mail notification.
    • start another program.
    • play audio file (MP3 or WAV).
  • Individual e-mail templates for notifications.
  • Integrated help system.
  • Automatic program updates.
  • Multilingual (at the moment English and German).
  • Intuitive program interface.
  • Free e-mail support in case of problems or questions.
  • Minor updates of full version for free.

You can find information about the price in the Check Host Pro price list.

This product has been tested on Windows 7, 8, Server 2008, 2012.

If you want you can uninstall Check Host Pro again at any time using the control panel "Add or Remove Programs" feature.

If you have questions or problems with this software, please simply visit the Forum or just contact us.

Enhanced for Intel Core

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