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System is freezing after volmgr error
Kubric, 2010-04-13 01:58:59
Hello Andreas,

I have another issue after experimenting Program Starter under Windows 7.
Some programs, like Program Starter, cause an error called volmgr, event id 46, "Crash dump initialization failed!"

This error happens every 30 mins +/- on Win7 and it's visible at Event Viewer (Administrative Events section).

Consequence: the system completely freezes and a reboot is necessary (user has no access to task manager).

Volmgr, event id 46 is a plague affecting Vista and Win 7 (google proves it), many programs cause this error but I'm pretty sure something of Program Starter makes this happen too, because after uninstalling it the system becomes stable and Volmgr error disappears.

Do you have any idea why?
Sorry to bother you again and thank you for all.

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