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Program starter?! More tools...?!
Fred, 2011-05-17 16:10:59

Here, "Program Starter" is written correctly; the caption of the program unfortunately reads "Program starter" when in English; can you amend this?

I perfectly understand the "more tools at ab tools" line since it's freeware. But then, people want some neat screen - if not, they weren't searching for a program starter program but could live with the Windows' desktop's symbols -, so I'd prefer to pay 10 dollars - or say the usual 9.95 dollars - in order to get rid of your advertising there, which belongs in the "About" screen. Can you amend this?

Issue 1 is without discussion; on issue 2, there is indeed the possibility that you want to leave it as it is. Thus, why not do people like me a favor AND do it your way?

Offer Program Starter as shareware, i.e. WITH the nag line, and with the possibility to pay the shareware fee, in order to get rid of that.

Or, which would be less work to do, offer two different versions on your website, the freeware, and, in the "Buy" section, the same program without the nag line, for some dollars / euros.

I'd buy immediately if the price is within my range and the offer takes not too long.

And then, as soon as somebody buys software at any place, they look upon the other offerings there almost automatically, here and then, without any nag line needed for them doing so... ;-)

Kind Regards,


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