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Re: Featur requests - ping bursts evaluation
Andy Salay, 2009-12-19 12:28:31
Hello Andreas,
you know there is a heap of free pingers on the web.
I am searching something lightweight, yet powerful and functional, with logging ability and mail notifications. And it is much harder to find such program.
Your program seems very promising!
Thank you for such an app.

Please, to be more usable to me (pinging through networks with some loss - wifi), i would really appreciate exactly what Dima Gurov described.

<quote>7. Switch to error state after defined number of fails (maybe these checks should be performed more frequently, than regular)

It would be great if in config dialog was option how many pings in one burst (I think these ranges would be sufficient: 1 - 5), delay between pings of the same burst (say 0,1s - 5s).

This will allow to make greater delay between the checking stages (1 minute for example), to use less traffic.

And better estimation of the "link quality", with the help of this:
It would be perfect if the app will evaulate the rate of success of each burst. For example: 5 pings in burst - 6 possibilities 100% loss, 80, 60, 40 , 20, 0% loss.

And some colour codes for say four configurable thresholds:
0% loss - green;
0% < loss <= 15% yellowish green;
15% < loss <= 40% yellow;
40% < loss < 100% orange;
100% loss - red.

And a configurable % loss threshold for an email notification.
That would be awesome, and it will make your tool perfectly suitable for small local wifi networks.
In such networks there is often some loss, and pinger is unsuitable for checking services - for example 1 ping each 10 seconds is generating false alarms.

and this would be nice:
9. Ability to disable (not only delete) checks

Thank you in advance...

Andy Salay

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