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Update failures
Gildan, 2014-06-13 00:18:47
I first downloaded the Piano Chords application and found it quite attractive and useful.
However, the notes all played at a very low pitch and the relative chords were just awful and indistinguishable to hear.
I'm wondering if you can not give us other choices of octaves besides 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Could you offer us the 4th and 5th octaves as a configurable setting ?

Next, after an automatic update I lost all sounds in playback and the skin changed to a pale blue color where every descriptions and menus are in white making them extremely difficult to read if not at all possible.

I removed the application and tried to install a fresh first version with no success since I only get the updated version now with same problems as mentioned above.

I certainly don't need the horrible sounds anyway but will only continue to use the Piano Chords app. as reference to all scale modes available.

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