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Monochrome TIF, Joe Jindela, 2011-09-09 20:38:14
Re: Monochrome TIF, Andreas Breitschopp (Webmaster), 2011-09-10 14:32:33

Monochrome TIF
Joe Jindela, 2011-09-09 20:38:14
I am sending tiff images of documents to an automated system. The system requires monochrome images (bit depth = 1).

Is there any option for this?

(PS -- I am using your software in Windows 7 64-bit. I previously used MS Office Document Image Writer in Windows XP, but in Win7 they took it away!)
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Re: Monochrome TIF
Andreas Breitschopp (Webmaster), 2011-09-10 14:32:33
Hello Joe,

as the Free Image Printer does not have an automatic system or a batch job feature this is not possible with the normal version.

But if you need this for business I'm sure we could make a custom version for you based on your needs.

Please contact me via e-mail to talk about details:

Best regards
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