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Re: Re: page sizes
Jerry, 2015-12-19 07:27:53
Thomas,Learn more ! Think hard! Use your own brain, and do not blindly belivee what others say. Copying and Pasting others comments simply make you look stupid. What did you think after reading the book or "footnote"? Don't you think it's odd that Usando was called Takeshima? I think if it was true, it could be the evidence that Japanese called Jukdo as Takeshima. I'd like to know more about it.FYI, today's Takeshima had been called as Matsushima by Japanese until the end of Edo era. After the Meiji restoration, it was called "Ryanko-to", or Liancourt Rocks. The island was newly re-named as Takeshima in 1905. This is the basic knowledge you need to know.

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