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page sizes, Mike Wilson, 2012-10-22 21:03:45
Re: page sizes, Dave Henderson, 2013-04-09 09:00:26

page sizes
Mike Wilson, 2012-10-22 21:03:45
I have need of a custom page size, using square paper and variable heights of 11", 18", 24" wide sizes. How can I do this?
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Re: page sizes
Dave Henderson, 2013-04-09 09:00:26
I have a similar issue.

Custom page sizes do not work. I created a document as "legal" and this tool produces it as "letter" compressing the output.

In the left thumbnail-preview it looks proper shape, but in the main window it's wrong. Exporting to jpg or anything else results in a letter shape page, not the page size specified.
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